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Sapien LLC specializes in Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), offering comprehensive solutions for employee management, compensation, and benefits administration. They provide Human Capital Management (HCM) tools for tracking, developing, and rewarding staff, as well as Human Resource Augmentation (HRA) services including on-boarding and background checks. Their software ensures seamless data integration for effective reporting and analysis.
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From employee information management to compensation and benefits administration, employee self service and more, Sapien provides unparalleled comprehensive HRMS services. More importantly, HRMS data integrates seamlessly onto the same platform as our HCM tools; in this way, data flow, reporting, and analysis function effortlessly.
Often referred to as Talent Management, HCM (Human Capital Management) provide the HR tools that professionals use to track, develop and reward the people who make their organizations successful. From recruiting to succession planning, performance management and compensation planning, Sapien Global HCM can accommodate every language and currency.
When additional resources are needed outside the organization, Sapien is ready to augment corporate needs with a dedicated, multilingual staff of experts. As pleasant change from traditional HR outsourcing, Sapien Global HRA serves as an extra hand, managing everything from on-boarding and background checking, to global benefits administration and provider screening. This service is also available on a global basis, and often for less than individual companies who provide the service internally.
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